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The Power of LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

LinkedIn is the fastest growing Social Media site for business professionals and those seeking to find their next big opportunity. Because you are here, you likely get that. But, if you don’t have a complete LinkedIn profile, you’re missing out on all LinkedIn has to offer.

Social Media should be an essential part of your branding strategy and plan for business growth as a business professional. But you’re probably faced with the challenge of blocking out the time to improve your profile. So far, it has not been a priority. Or maybe you have trouble writing about yourself, as many people do.

To transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into the powerful and impressive social media platform that works for you, you must focus on incorporating the right keywords. This means being deliberate and intentional about the words and phrases you use to describe yourself, your experience, company, and brand.

Why is this important? The keywords that you choose to utilize on your profile, in your headline and work experience, determine how people find you and how high you rank in their searches. Do you want recruiters to reach out to you for a new opportunity? Then you must choose the relevant keywords that are primarily used in the job you are targeting.

Is your goal to have prospective customers find you? You will want to use keywords that will, in turn, be the answer to their search inquiry. For example, if the customer’s search is “small business coach specializing in healthcare,” your profile must reflect “small business,” “coach,” and “healthcare” somewhere in the description. If it is, your profile will be near the top of their results.

Your improved profile shines a light on your skills, experience, and expertise. It helps you find a network of connections that become new clients and increases your business revenue. Your network connections will notice, while prospective clients will start asking to connect with you instead of you chasing them.

We work directly with you to create a unique and professional profile. That makes it easier to build your brand and achieve your business goals. We will ask the right questions and post the updated information to your profile on your behalf, giving you a LinkedIn profile that proudly represents you online. We will also help brand you as an expert in your field and show you how to connect with your target audience.

Take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer and grow your business by contacting us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Turn this exciting social media platform into a powerful tool that works for you. With our help, you’ll attract more potential clients, prospects, and connections wanting to partner with you and take advantage of the services you offer.


Ensure your LinkedIn profile’s appearance is optimized by using the platform’s powerful headline feature. Many do not take advantage of it. It’s important because putting your keywords into your headline helps your profile pop up in another user’s search query.

Here’s how to do it:

Head to LinkedIn and log in:

1. Click on the “down” arrow near your profile photo that says, “Me.”

2. Select “View Profile.”

3. Click the little pencil icon at the very top-right, under your cover photo.

4. Scroll down and fill in the input field labeled, “Headline.”

5. Be sure to choose your deliberate keywords.

Contact Ficere Writing Solutions today to get started optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Whether it’s increasing awareness about you or your brand or if it’s more of a networking tool you use to capture real leads, make LinkedIn work for you!

Dave Ficere is an Author, Editor, and Ghostwriter with over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and writing. When Dave is not writing and editing manuscripts for clients, you can typically find him narrating and producing audiobooks.

To learn more about Dave, visit his website, or find him on LinkedIn.

“Bringing Your Story to Life” is more than just a tagline at Ficere Writing Solutions. We provide clients with top-notch writing, editing, and audiobook services to get your book or audiobook ready to publish. Our portfolio of services includes: Ghostwriting books, editing book manuscripts, and narration and production of audiobooks.

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