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Sailor to Servant


This book came about from a daily devotional I started in 2011 in an effort to give my children a way to read scripture as they began life on their own. However, this journey started well before that. As I was growing up, I had flashes of awareness about the presence of God. But I never really acted on them until I joined the United States Navy. I was stationed aboard the USS Nimitz, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. We were chosen to launch the rescue attempt. Apparently, the American government sold cruise missiles to Iran when it was under the leadership of the Shah, and we had no defenses against those missiles. Had the Iranians used the missiles, it would have caused much damage and potentially many deaths, I knew that if I died, I would be in hell! But God had another idea, which was to rescue this dead man from his sins. Later, in April of 1980, I remember saying, "God, if you are real, then I need to know, and if this is what life is all about gathering things, living a life, and then dying, then it this meaningless, and it sucks." Two years later, as I was making my rounds as the manager of a parking garage in Worcester, Massachusetts, I ran right into the presence of God. Through it all, I have the Lord Jesus in control of everything. I truly hope that the Lord will use this book of devotional messages to bring you to Him and grow your faith as you fulfill the works that He prepared for you in advance.

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