Weathering The Storm

Phyllis Phelps, the founding director of House of Hope NH, shares her powerful personal story of how faith in Jesus Christ brought her out of a lifestyle of desperate addiction and empty relationships that would have surely destroyed her. Yet when she discovered the life-changing power of God, her journey toward healing was only beginning. Her journey included many more challenges that severely tested her faith and threatened those she loved.

editing and ghostwriting book: weathering the storm



Housing Humans is an urgent call to action that is grounded in the deep experience, skillful leadership, and spiritual humanity of the author.  Gene Jones reminds us that a stable, affordable home in a thriving community is an investment in human potential.

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Invisible Wounds

Norm DeVarennes dives deep into his emotions as he reflects on the effect of a career in policing on his mental health. This book will have other first responders see themselves through the eyes of the author while it will help people from the general public on what generally happens to police officers during a career on the streets. 

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Innovation from Desperation

Desiree Martinez’s rollercoaster journey from the early days of social media marketing. She shares her unfiltered experiences, both good and bad while giving you tips for being a better content creator, regardless of algorithm changes or what new social media platforms pop-up.

editing and ghostwriting book: Innovation from desperation

Concealed to Sealed

Born as the result of unusually tragic molestation, Lorinda’s past started dictating her present early in life. It created masks and brought forth personas that continually impacted her future-especially her choices of the men who became her first two husbands. 

editing and ghostwriting book: Concealed to Sealed

Jesus' Surprising Strategy

'A mandate and a means for city transformation'. We are better together! We each hold a piece of the puzzle to our community’s needs.

editing and ghostwriting book: Jesus' Surprising Strategy

The Dance Floor Saved My Life

It seemed life was working against Christopher Brooks. From his earliest childhood experiences, being placed in special needs in elementary school, and never formally learning to read or write. Christopher’s raw and at times agonizing story will inspire you to fearlessly face the bullies in your life, transform your mindset, find hope in the power of who you are, and discover your dance!

editing and ghostwriting book: the dance floor saved my life

Life Palette

Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love takes the concepts he’s learned as a successful painter and as a longtime pastor to teach you that God is the master artist—but you give Him the palette to dip His brush in and paint a masterpiece on the canvas of your life.

editing and ghostwriting book: life palette

Oh, No...Not the Diva

After having already overcome a rare and deadly Stage IV cancer, Jacquelyn D. Murray suddenly faced a new threat: the emergence of episodes of depression that eventually became an entirely unexpected diagnosis.

editing and ghostwriting book: oh, no not the diva

Astronomical Leadership

You’ll be inspired and motivated as Amanda shares her unlikely journey of overcoming obstacles of race and gender prejudice, finding her gifts and self-confidence, and making a bold proclamation that changed her life forever.

editing and ghostwriting book: astronomical leadership