Bringing Your Story to Life is more than just my business tagline. As a writer, I’m skilled at choosing the right word or phrase to convey your unique message. My media background gives me the diversity of being able to handle a wide range of different assignments and topics. During my previous career in radio, I learned the interviewing techniques needed to bring a story to life. My experience has also taught me how to write compelling copy that grabs a reader’s attention and gets to the point.

Ficere Writing Solutions provides quality writing and editing services for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. I also work with non-profit organizations and churches. No matter the client, the goal is the same: To help you bring your story to life.


With more than 30 years’ experience in both the radio and print media, I am passionate about my work as an editor. I help you get it right before your article, blog or book manuscript goes to clients, prospects, or a publisher. Most recently concentrating on books, I love working with authors and have edited or co-edited more than a dozen book manuscripts. It’s a rewarding challenge to help an author better communicate their message or story.

As your editor, I give your work a thorough review of copy flow, grammar and typos. I look at the syntax and general organization. And, I give each project at least two complete edits as part of my commitment to excellence. My thorough review ensures that your project is ready for publication.


If you need a second set of eyes to review your document I also provide proofreading services at reasonable prices. This ensures that grammar errors and typos get corrected before your copy goes to print.



Ghostwriting? What is it and why is it important? A ghostwriter writes your story, in your words, when you don’t have the time or inclination to write it yourself?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced writer, struggle with the written word or are somewhere in-between. A good ghostwriter can “bring your story to life” in a manner that reflects your personality and style.

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My passion as an editor and ghostwriter is to write your story with you in a partnership. That means you approve every word and edit. The final published work is yours and exceeds publishing standards of excellence. In addition, I have strategic partnerships who can help you get your work published on Amazon and through other venues.

"My favorite stories as those of personal achievement, overcoming adversity as well as personal stories of adventure and testimony. My journalist background enables me to write on any topic. I’ve written on such diverse topics as speed racing, the funeral industry, the Middle East, and the Super Bowl, as well as penned political profiles of Barack Obama, John McCain, and Mitt Romney."

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