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You Should Write a Book!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Has anyone ever said that to you, after hearing a part of your life story?

If so, have you done anything to follow through on their suggestion?

If not, why not?

I don’t have the time,” you say.

“No one wants to read my story.”

You might be surprised.

Let me tell you Phyllis’ story.

Raised in a toxic environment of drugs and alcohol, she was left to fend for herself at a very young age. She wound up on the streets, running with the wrong crowd. Her life spiraled downward, into abuse and being trafficked until she finally found help.

Today, she helps young girls in similar situations because she found help and hope through the faith she discovered as a young lady.

I met Phyllis on LinkedIn and, after getting acquainted, asked her my number one question.


“Have you considered writing a book?”


It turns out she had been encouraged by friends to do so but knew she was not much of a writer and did not know how or where to begin. Like many people, she thought writing a book meant long hours at a computer, slogging through the process, painfully recalling her journey.

Through our partnership, we turned her faith journey and story of overcoming into a beautiful book entitled “Weathering the Storm.”

Together, we chronicled her journey, so as she speaks at churches and women’s groups, she can share “Weathering the Storm” with them. The book is the “rest of the story” that she shares during her speaking engagements.

The book, published earlier this year, is finding favor with readers and is helping Phyllis build and supplement her speaking platform.

You could be another Phyllis. A busy person who does not have the time to write a book or does not know how to begin.

We can help.

Working just one to two hours a week with our team, we can turn your story into a book. Your narrative can chronicle your journey, help others by sharing your business expertise, or encourage those going through a challenging health crisis.

Contact Ficere Writing Solutions today, and let us walk you through the book development process, and how in just a few hours a week, you can write a book. You will be surprised by how enjoyable and simple the process can be.

Just ask Phyllis!

Dave Ficere is an Author, Editor, and Ghostwriter with over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and writing. When Dave is not writing and editing manuscripts for clients, you can typically find him narrating and producing audiobooks.

To learn more about Dave, visit him on LinkedIn.

“Bringing Your Story to Life” is more than just a tagline at Ficere Writing Solutions. We provide clients with top-notch writing, editing, and audiobook services to get your book or audiobook ready to publish. Our portfolio of services includes: Ghostwriting books, editing book manuscripts, and narration and production of audiobooks.

To learn more about how Ficere Writing Solutions can help you and your business, click HERE

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