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"Bringing Your Story to Life is more than just my business tagline. As a writer, I’m skilled at choosing the right word or phrase to convey your unique message."



Dave Ficere is an Author, Editor and Ghostwriter with over 30 years of experience in broadcasting and writing. When Dave is not writing and editing manuscripts for clients, you can typically find him narrating and producing audiobooks.

"My media career began in Junior High School when my dad returned from an overseas trip with a brand-new, Sony reel-to-reel tape recorder. I started playing records and talking into the machine, thus imitating a radio station.


Fast forward to college, where I majored in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting. A college internship led to a part-time and then a full-time job at a non-profit radio station. I did everything from spin records to write, voice, and produce news and promotional spots."

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My passion as an editor and ghostwriter is to partner with you in writing your story. My goal as your editor is for your final manuscript to exceed established standards of excellence, and be ready for publication.

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Your book takes on a new life and reaches a larger market when it becomes an audiobook. The market is growing by 25% a year, so tap into it!

What Everyone Should Know About the Afterlife - Narrated By Dave FicereNarrated by Dave Ficere
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028_Weathering the Storm_Retail Audio SaNarrated by Dave Ficere
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Don't Quit Five Minutes Before the Miracle HappensNarrated by Dave Ficere
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"I highly recommend Dave Ficere for helping you bring your story to life. He was able to express in writing what I could only express through words. He was professional and very sensitive to how I wanted to share my story. I loved the times we worked together on the phone and through email. He made the experience of writing my book a wonderful one."

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